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Henry Books


Use SQL to complete the following exercises.


1. Create a table named SALES_BRANCH.The table has the same structure as the BRANCH


table shown in Figure 3-34 except the BRANCH_LOCATION column should use the


VARCHAR data type and the BRANCH_NUM and NUM_EMPLOYEES columns should use


the NUMBER data type. Execute the command to describe the layout and characteristics


of the SALES_BRANCH table.


2. Add the following row to the SALES_BRANCH table: branch number: 5; branch name: Henry


Town Plaza; branch location: 165 Plaza; and number of employees: 3. Display the contents


of the SALES_BRANCH table.


3. Delete the SALES_BRANCH table.


4. Run the script file for the Henry Books database to create the six tables and add records


to the tables. Be sure to select the file for the particular DBMS that you are using (Oracle,


SQL Server, or Access). (Note: If you do not have the files for this text, ask your instructor


for assistance.)


5. Confirm that you have created the tables correctly by describing each table and comparing


the results to Figure 3-34.


6. Confirm that you have added all data correctly by viewing the data in each table and comparing


the results to Figures 1-4 through 1-7 in Chapter 1.


Please do the exercise for Henry Books on Page 91. In step #4, you are instructed to use a script file to build the tables – ignore this instruction. Instead, you will need to build the file yourself using the CREATE TABLE command. The Record layout information is on page 92-93. The records to be entered begin on page 9




Please put all commands in one NOTEPAD file. Include a Screenshot of the results of the execution of any one the problems (one only will suffice) to illustrate your code. Id it is missing, the assignment will not be graded


it would be wise to view my PowerPoint before doing the assignment. The grading rubric is attached.



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