Outraged customers | Marketing homework help

Please Pick a company that had a history with outraged customers or dissatisfied customers and talk about for about 4 pages. With work cited. 

Please there are three important resources that are provided in the attachment that you need to take your information from. Two Chapters and one podcast.

Listen to this podcast. https://www.superdatascience.com/podcast/podcast-ecommerce-analytics

Please reflect upon your readings, the information presented by Nick Pape in his podcast, and the Amy’s Baking Company example to complete the following: 


  • Do some research online to select a company that has had a history of having to respond to dissatisfied/outraged customers. A good example is Delta Airlines.


  • Explore social media channels, like Twitter, to find social media posts from consumers that effectively “call the brand out” for poor customer service, discriminatory behavior, unethical business practices, etc.


  • Identify three examples of customer complaints posted online from customers—that had direct responses from the company you selected–and take screen shots of the online conversations between the two. Then, please paste those photos into a document and briefly answer the following:
    1. In your opinion, do you think the customer’s complaint was legitimate?
    2. Regardless of your thoughts on the legitimacy of the complaint, do you think the company responded appropriately? Why or why not?
    3. Even if you felt the company responded well, provide one suggestion of how you feel the company’s response could be improved.
    4. It is likely that the interaction was liked, re-posted or shared by other social media users? Please provide the numbers you observe (re-tweets, likes, shares, etc.).
    5. From the interaction data you observe, what is your interpretation of how the other users not directly involved in the complaint (the court of public opinion) felt about the customer who initially posted the complaint on social media and how the company subsequently responded? Why should businesses care about what the court of public opinion thinks?
    6. Please screenshot three examples of shared posts from other users justifying your position in question #5 and paste them in the document below your responses.