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Republican form of Government

The Framers of the Constitution were most concerned about making a government that would work well and would last.  They were obsessed with a fear that the new government would end up being as arbitrary and unaccountable as the British government was.  Much of their concerns were focused on untested practices of democracy – and they were especially concerned that the people would view democracy “mechanically” – that is, 51% of the population would always prevail over the 49% in such a way as to deny minority rights and other protections that were considered essential to the “concept of democracy”.  This debate — over which is more important – “the mechanics of democracy” or “the content of democracy” continues to this day”.

After reading Wilson and watching my video lecture, please respond to ONE of the following discussion questions AND be sure to comment on the answers you classmates gave to the question you did not answer:

1.  Do you believe important policy issues should be decided in the United States by majority rule (51%) or a broad consensus (60% – 75%)?  Explain why you believe that and incorporate thoughts from the class material.

2.  In your opinion, should ANY of the following require a consensus or “super majority”?List one or two and fully explain your answer.

  1. Annual Budgets (yes/no)
  2. Decisions to use military force (yes/no)
  3. Decisions to raise taxes. (yes/no)
  4. Decisions to establish a national health care system (y/n)
  5. Decisions to establish national immigration policy (y/n)
  6. A Constitutional Amendment (y/n)
  7. Confirmation of a Supreme Court justice (y/n) 


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