paper 2 position essay

Please respond to the following prompt in a 4-5 page essay.

Please write in complete sentences, appropriate grammar, 12 point font, double space using APA style. Please reference all sources using APA (minimum 4).

**All papers must include a title page and reference page.

All references on reference page must be cited in paper. ALL AUTHORS CITED IN PAPER MUST BE ON REFERENCE PAGE!!!!

Papers should have headings, for example:


Symbolic Interactionism


Culture and impact on family

Influence of social relationships on your identity

Use of symbols in interpersonal relationships to create meaning

Question for Consideration and Topic Exploration:

Par 1 Introduction and thesis statement.

Par 2-4 Describe Symbolic Interactionist theory (ch 2 iBook) in your own words.


How do the symbolic meanings in social interactions affect people’s behavior?

How does our self-concept develop through social interactions and different environments?

Please use proper APA when paraphrasing from author. There must be a citation in this section.

  • You should include at least 2 references (one from iBook and 1 peer reviewed book or journal article)

Par 5 Family is defined differently for everyone. In thinking about the social institution of the family, choose the definition of the family that is most relevant to you. (See iBook Ch. 4)

You may use the following prompts to answer this question:

Do you believe family is defined by a legal marriage license?

Do you believe family is defined by gender?

Do you believe family is defined by whether the family members live together?

Do you believe family is defined by genes and/or kinship bonds?

Is family defined by shared values and/or emotional attachments?

How does divorce and remarriage affect your definition of family?

Include at least 1 peer reviewed reference in this section.

Par 6 How does culture impact your family? Give a definition of culture.


How much of your personal and social identity is reflected in the value you place on religion, ethnicity, traditions/ rituals, food, etiquette, or clothing.

  • Provide 1 example how your definition of yourself is influenced by your culture.

Include at least 1 peer reviewed reference in this section.

Par 7 Provide 1 example of how your definition of yourself is influenced by social relationships and social groups you belong to. (See iBook and Mead’s definition of “Generalized other” p.21-22).


Examples of groups can include, family, fraternity/sorority, sports teams, clubs, AA, etc

Par 8 Provide one 1 example from your life of how you have observed how symbols are used in interpersonal interactions to create meaning. (Example is given in iBook, “Symbolism in College” p. 20)


How does language function as a means to understanding one another?

Naming something creates meaning.

Examples of symbols may include greetings such as a handshake, a religious symbol, music, etc.

Par 9 Conclusion- this paragraph should summarize the main points from your paper.

You need to cite 4 peer reviewed sources using APA style. The iBook can be included as 1 of the 4 scholarly sources. There needs to be in text quotes and/or paraphrasing (cited using APA) and 1 reference page with your sources.


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