paper project 4

Please follow all the rubric and instructions I uploaded below to complete this paper. Please also use this scenerio below

Final Project Scenario

Zomato API is a leading website used by millions every day to decide where to eat in cities across 24 countries.You work for a restauranteur/investor, Clyde, who loves to eat good food, and he uses Zomato regularly to find good restaurants.When he is not eating, Clyde likes to invest money in restaurants.He has invested money in both established restaurants to increase their services (e.g. delivery, online orders, etc.) and failing restaurants to improve quality and service.Clyde wants to take a “foodie” vacation, where he can visit the best restaurants in town.He also wants to open up a new restaurant in the city that he visits.

Using data from Zomato, Clyde is expecting you to help him select a city to vacation, suggest restaurants to dine in, and to decide on which restaurant(s) to make a future investment.Use the information in the Zomato dataset to give Clyde insights from the data.


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