Patient: Adult Nursing Assignment

Patient: Adult Nursing Assignment

. Introduce your work including specialty (e.g. medical ward) and chosen patient with a long term condition ( Remember confidentiality/anonymity – no names ) and rationale for choosing patient.

2. Examine the ethical and professional role and responsibilities of the Registered Nurse (RN) Identify at least one ethical role of the nurse in the practice area such as giving informed consent or, protecting confidentiality or, accountability, or advocacy.

3. Explore the pathological changes of the condition on the patients’ health and well-being. Discuss the physical and psychosocial impact on the patient living with this particular long term condition. Patient: Adult Nursing Assignment


4. Explore the principles of collaborative, holistic assessment to identify the core needs of the patient . Identify an activity of living – for example breathing, communication etc. that appears relevant to your discussion of the patient, and explore the assessment of this activity of living by the RN.

5. Discuss the key elements of safe effective and patient-centered care Following the assessment identify the care given that was compassionate safe and effective.

6. Understand the importance of reflection in linking theory to practice Reflect upon the experience – include a paragraph on what you have learnt from observing the RN and the care that was given.

7. Provide a conclusion to your essay summarizing the key points

Patient: Adult Nursing Assignment



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