physics lab report pre lab questions lab report questions

i need a lab report for this laboratory (( basic lab report ))

2 pages with out the cover page i have the data. I will upload them next because I can’t put them know I just can put 5 pic

also I need answers of the pre lab Questions and the Lab Question

the lab report must contain these:

1- A title page with the experiment number and title, your name, Department of Physics, and the date it is being submitted

2- An introduction. Your intro should include the experiment’s topic of interest as well as its objectives.

3- A bulleted list of the materials used

4- The procedure. This can be in a list or in paragraph form, whichever you prefer

5- Results section. This is where you put any data tables or charts you have.

6- Discussion. Explain what the results mean. Also, if any errors occurred, explain what may have caused them.

7- Conclusion. Keep it brief (1-3 sentences). Give a concise summary of what you learned in the experiment.


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