poetic comparison and contrast essay

  • It will be an essay focusing on the poetry component of the course.
  • You are expected to choose a specific, poetic aspect (e.g., language, format, or theme) and select at least two poems for your comparison essay.
  • For this essay, you need to focus on answering questions,such as
  • Remember that the answers should not stand alone. They should be integrated into an essay form where there will be a clearly stated thesis statement supported by several topic sentences.
  • Remember also that because you are expected to extract information from external sources, you will need to acknowledge those sources, using in-text citations and a works-cited page. All this is done to ensure that you avoid plagiarism.
  • The essay should be 3 pages, using 3 to 5 sources. It should be typewritten or computerized. If you use computer, make sure you use Times New Roman (12 pts). Again, remember that because you are expected to use external sources, you will need to include a works- cited page.
  • College papers are typed or computerized in double space. For the complete layout format, consult your syllabus and the course textbooks. If you have further questions, consult the professor.
  • Which poetic aspect you intend to explore?
  • What is the importance of that aspect?
  • What set of poems, from the assigned list, do you find logical for your choice?
  • How does each poem fit into the aspect you intend to focus on?
  • poem:- If We Must Die by Claude McKAY AND The Man He Killed by THOMAS HARDY


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