political science 02 2

Remember – respond to One!!!!! of the prompts below and include your own question for your classmates to respond to.

Total word count: 250

A) All the President’s Men is based on a true story – how does this knowledge impact you view the film? How believe it impacts how the the audience at large views the film?

B) How do you believe the casting of two well known and likable actors as the leading characters impact how the audience views the film? Do you think the audience’s perception of the themes of the film could’ve been altered with different casting choices or do you believe that was irrelevant?

C) The film All the President’s Men is the first film we’ve watched this term in color. What impact did this change have on you as a viewer in 2018? Were there positives and negatives? Did this alter the impact that the lighting choices (e.g. the parking garage meetings with Deep Throat) had on the film to you, as a viewer?


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