Project paper: risk management | Computer Science homework help


I have assignment that need to be turn in APA format. This project related to Information security and risk management.


Attached is the Project document that identifies all Tasks 1 that must be completed. 
Within the Project document you will find a Scenario of a fictitious health services organization.  A Project Visual diagram is also provided that incorporates the Scenario information.
This Project assignment is built around this Scenario so your final grade depends on how well you incorporate the risks and other information from this Scenario into your solutions.
You MUST use these Scenario risks to identify threats, vulnerabilities, controls, critical business functions, disaster recovery, and incident responses in your solution to this assignment.

Part 1 – Task 1: Threats – Vulnerabilities (Only task 1)

Please look for the attached project plan and sample templates. If you see any content highlighted in yellow in sample templates that should be replace with actual content.


sample_final project document is just for reference. you should have to be documented as sample document


Follow the template to complete the task1

—–Thank You———-


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