quantitative writing sampling

1) You must find a peer reviewed article, dated later than January 2010. It must be an article where the researchers have collected their own data and conducted their own study. In other words, it cannot be an article using someone else’s data. The point is to determine how these researchers obtained their sample. They didn’t do this if they used an already existing data set. Key ways in which you can tell if someone used and existing data set are sentences like, “Using the 2017 General Social Survey…” or, “This research uses data from the 2016 National Health and Retirement Survey…” This means that they have used data collected by someone else, and that study does not meet the qualifications for this assignment.

2) Answer the questions in a short response method be specific and straight to the point:

1) In two to three sentences, summarize the article’s main point.

2) How did the researchers obtain their sample – in other words, what was their sampling strategy? (1-2 sentences)

3) Could you/would you have done it differently? (1-2 sentences)

4)Why or why not? (Simply saying, “I would have done it the same way.” is not acceptable. WHY would you do it the same way? Why was it good/appropriate? (1-2 sentences)

5) Upload or copy and paste the abstract of the article you chose along with your write up.


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