Quantitively In Heart Failure Patient Discussion

Quantitively In Heart Failure Patient Discussion

Quantitive In heart failure patient (p), how does beta-blockers(i)compared to ACE inhibitors (c) affect the treatment (o)of newly diagnosed heart failure patients within one year (t)? Qualitative In newly diagnosed heart failure patients 65 years or older(p), are echocardiograms (i) the gold standard for diagnosis compared with being diagnosed using electrocardiograms or another diagnostic test (o)?   As a medical surgical nurse, we focus on making sure that we document thoroughly on heart failure patients. The documentation focus on core measures developed by CMS.  Inadequate patient education, compliance of medications, lack of willinglessness to change life-style, and several other causes are some of the main reasons that lead heart failure patients back into the hospitals. Quantitively In Heart Failure Patient Discussion


The frequent hospitalization impact quality measures of facilities which then decrease reimbursements overall. Aging baby boom generation will produce a sharp increase in the number of people who will die from heart disease.  It is projected that by 2020, heart disease will be the leading cause of death and disability (Levenson & et. al, 2009).  We focus now managing chronic diseases, but the health focus is changing into more of a population health.  This change puts emphasis on disease prevention than disease management.  Heart disease is one of the diseases that can prevented or decreased in the severity of certain bad habits are stopped. I think that the qualitative research methodology will be very beneficial in completing this research paper. Yet, I could use both quantative and qualitative sampling method.  The quantative sample method would allow me to use the population of heart failure patients.  I can further breakdown my population by age.  If using the qualitative sampling method, the heart failure patient can be used as the purposeful sampling example.  Obtaining a quota sampling, the heart failure patient can be divided into the different types of medications being prescribed to treat the disease,   Reference: Levenson, J., Skerritt, P . & Graziano, M. Reducing the Global Burden of Cardiovascular Disease: The Role of Risk Factors. 2009, Preventive Cardiology, 5(4), 1880-199. Quantitively In Heart Failure Patient Discussion


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