Questions from the professor: 150 word folks, when we think of


Questions from the Professor:

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Folks, when we think of screenings vs. assessments, how often do you perform one or the other, both, and which takes more time?  Does screening often lead to an assessment?  What instruments should be part of the screening process, e.g. PHQ2, PHQ9, SF12, GAD tests?

Determining Risk Assessment Questions and Interventions~
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Hi, Class,

When assessing a client for safety threats, one aspect of importance is medication compliance, which at times is not obvious if the diagnosis is not Bipolar I, II, Schizoaffective Disorder, or any of the thought disordered constellations. But, if there are clients that do discontinue their medications abruptly for Bipolar or Depression, which is supposed to stabilize thoughts of suicide and mobilize them to feel balanced if there is a neurochemical imbalance, this can be a rather serious compliance and safety issue.  Thoughts?