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You are to choose an article from a recognized news source on a topic related to Organizational Behavior. This should be either from an academic source or reputable business trade journal (e.g. Business Week, Wall St. Journal, Harvard Business Review, etc). Do not use websites such as Huffington Post since these are based on blog posts. The article should be relatively current—not more than 4 years old. You will be preparing a 3-5 minute presentation. This is NOT a Power Point presentation. You just present but you may use notes. The presentation should contain the following: 1. Introduction of yourself and article (including title/source/date and why you chose the article) 2. A summary of the main points in the article 3. An explanation of how the article is connected to things covered in the course 4. Your reaction /opinion about the article (e.g. do you agree/disagree with the author? How well was it written? How have things changed (if at all) since the article was written?) You will be graded based on how well you do the above and how well you present. You will be provided with a rubric beforehand of how you will be graded on the presentation. Please dress appropriately for your presentation in “business casual.” Instructions on how to make your presentation via Conferencing can be found under Course Information.


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