read the summary for the whole book

please go to the link… and read the summary for the whole book and then do the following

(Semi) Daily Reading Responses: General Information

(Semi) Daily Reading Responses:

In our particular course, we will be exploring themes, characters, structural elements of Shakespearean language and plays, etc. through a variety of methods using as jumping off points works representing a variety of literary genres. Essentially we will be reading, taking careful notes, and writing careful responses. The (semi) daily responses will help you keep track of what you just read and prepare you to discuss the readings in class. Questions you may explore include but are not limited to: What is happening in the narrative? What do we think about the characters in these texts? How do they identify with themselves and others? How do we identify with the main character? The secondary and minor characters? In what ways do we see major themes and structures develop? In the process of journaling during and immediately after our (semi)daily readings, we will develop the questions and informed opinions that will seed our in-class discussion. Note: The (semi) daily responses will focus on the specific text as indicated in the daily “Explorations” section of our Calendar.

DUE: Individual entries must be completed prior to scheduled discussion.

Length of (Semi) Daily entries: one page in spiral.

there are more into this homework… will be upload soon ….


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