reflection journal 2 and 3


he Feasibility Analysis

1. Industry and Market Analysis

Pay attention to description pf products and services, the unique benefits of products and services, and the costs involved; pricing and pricing policies, potential sales and market research.

2. Product or Service Analysis

Pay attention to Start-Up Capital and forecasting sales.

3. Financial Analysis


ompany’s Goals and Objectives
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Assessing the Company’s Internal and External Environment

(pg 179-183)

As you complete this section’s reading assignment think about your company’s goals and objectives, milestones and implementation timeline along with company’s future opportunities

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Formulate Strategies

A reflection journal provides an opportunity to reflect on lessons learned in the module. Each student has his/her private journal.

Other students will not see what you write.

image of student reflecting
  1. What new insight did you gain after completing this module?
  2. What were the most important lessons learned in this module?
  3. What was the most difficult point or concept in this lesson?
  4. How will you apply the lessons learned in this module in your professional life?


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