reflection on project work and peer appraisal

We have done a group assignment (assignment 4). Now we have to do reflection on this group assignment. 1000 words with 7 references about team work and innovation. The main points to discuss are;

As part of your reflection, consider these prompts:

  • What you perceive to be the strengths and weaknesses of working in teams for this unit.
  • The processes the team used in deciding upon a business choice for the assignment.
  • How the team could improve their performance in the future.

Your reflection can relate to wider connections. These may include connections to various global, cultural, historical, political, and personal, study or work-related experiences.

Strength was good communication mode (whatsapp) and group discussion and feed back. Make up a general weakness whatever. The process we used was brain storming and market discussion. Please make up some recommendations for future improvements.

I am attaching the project report we made and the project plan. And the reflection assignment details file as well. Please see all the attachments.


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