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Q-1: How did Bhirendra become a shaman? Identify the order of events he went through to become a shaman (refer to the readings and slides).

Q-2: Compare a similar order of events as seen through the lens of your own culture. What would you do if you experience what Bhirendra experienced? How would you think about yourself after the experience and how would you react to what has happened?

Q-3: How would your society (consider friends, family, etc.) perceive your experience and react to you? Imagine that you have to tell your parents and friends about the experience as it is recurring, what would be their reaction and suggestions?

Q-4: Imagine that you decided to see a psychologist and/or a psychiatrist after having these experiences, what would they do after listening to you? How would they help you to understand and perceive what has happened and what actions would they take to help you?

Q-5: Now explain and reflect on why is there a difference in the way an experience is perceived and responded to? More specifically, how in one culture this experience could be seen as rewarding and gaining wisdom and in another culture could be seen as an abnormality/a condition that needs to be medicalized and addressed to help the individual to return to a normal state (make sure to link it to the topics we covered in the course where relevant in your explanation and reflection, i.e. worldview, culture, etc.)


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