research essay 150 acts of reconciliation canada

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Choose 1 of the action from-…



-Write 3 thesis- choose 2 to be a rhetorical thesis, and 1 to be developed thesis which would be the form of the essay.

1.Comparison type essay thesis: Compare with similar action

2.Cause and Effect type thesis: what would be the C&E of the action taken

3.Argument type thesis: come out with an argument by making a controversial argument. Emphatic thesis with counter argument and evidences.

-Make a reference paper/ citation- Cite 1 source from seneca database- >click Academic OneFile which is second from the top. ID: HHWANG22 PWD: Ghkdgus97~

Cite 2 sources from anywhere else (Youtube video, newspaper, magazine, etc)

APA format < this is a must. Refer to

2. Write an essay.


1. Topic sentence

2. Thesis

3. 3 bodies with ideas/evidence/quotes

4. Conclusion

-Writing an Essay.

Last step. write an essay that is around 750~1000 words

-Create a citation paper APA format

Good luck!


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