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1. Origin – Study the current state of food culture by identifying various ways in which food is grown, prepared and consumed, the spaces it involves and its engagement within the urban environment. Presentation – Using the In-Design Template provided, prepare a presentation paper that is compelling, clearly presented and organized following one of the categories below: GROWfood Collect examples of various models of growing food and extract important organizational principles, underlying systems and their outcomes: Scale: Large scale vs small scale farming, distribution systems and environmental implications Distance: Global vs local vs urban farming, economic and environmental implications Method: Conventional vs organic food, environmental and health implications MAKEfood Study main organization and spatial requirements for professional/commercial kitchens and other modes of preparing food for public consumption. Identifying all programmatic parts and their relationships. Scale: Multi-vendor vs single purveyor establishments Distance: Chain vs local food establishments Method: Vegan, vegetarian, omnivorous, fusion, ethnic, contemporary food styles SHAREfood Identify the communal aspect of sharing and enjoying food together as it relates to spatial requirements and surrounding context. Scale: Farmer Markets, Food Halls, Food Festivals, Restaurants, Communal Kitchens, Co-ops, Food Trucks, etc. Distance: Destination vs local establishments Method: Serving style, contextual integration, combination with other programs/services, mobile, temporary


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