research paper the new tax law

Write a three to six page paper on how the new tax law changed personal income taxes. . Please review the instructions that follow, the rubric attached to this assignment and the writing hints in the Introductory module of this course before you begin writing.

The specifications of the paper are as follows:

1. This must be a four to six page paper. The Works Cited page will be considered on page. Put another way, your paper must be three complete pages of writing and have a works cited page to satisfactorily complete this assignment.

2. Three complete pages of writing means three complete pages of writing. A paper consisting of two and two thirds pages and a works cited page will be penalized.

3. Your paper should have (a) a one-inch margin all around; (b) be double-spaced; and have an eleven point font. Fonts less than 11 point will result will be penalized.

Paper refers to the textbook, instructor lectures(Which is the power points) and supplemental material to support the point of view. Proper references are provided for outside references


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