response needed 101

Please provide a 200 word response to the following destine :

I feel as though we continue to keep out same routine going because we are so use to doing this at the same time everyday, that we just forget or don’t even notice that were doing it the same time everyday. For example, in the mornings some of us may start cleaning at the same time everyday, or some get ready at the same time everyday, not even just time, but also how you asked if we “sit in the same seat each class session”, or ” sleep on the same side of the bed each night.” many of us do, do this. I know i do. if i don’t sleep the same way every or the same seat everyday I feel weird. Many people may also do this because the have OCD. which causes them to do so. We can all say or different reason for this because we are all different, we may do the same thing as someone else but or reasons can be totally different.


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