School calendars and class size

Introduction: This brief section will be an overview of the topic

ELT: This section will discuss if Extended Learning Time (ELT) should be used primarily in schools with high percentages of disadvantaged and underperforming students or should all schools employ a longer day/longer year model?

Implementation: This section will discuss if the Expanded Learning Time model can be implemented in any school, anywhere?

Follow up: This section will discuss what strategies rural or suburban schools should undertake to implement ELT given their more limited access to community-based organizations or other supplementary resources?

Staffing: This section will discuss what ways schools can creatively address ELT staffing challenges created by teachers’ union contracts? How can they fund added hours in a cost-effective manner?

Added Time: This section will discuss how should schools and districts determine how best to use added time? Should the additional hours or days look different from the traditional time spent in classes or provide extra time reinforcing academic knowledge students are lacking? 


References: 5 scholarly references minimum


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