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PRIMARY ENTRY: Communication is an essential part of our daily lives. We want to be heard. We want to be understood. In an organization, communication from the president and CEO to the lowest member of the rank in file is critical to their daily operation. It also creates a significant impact on all employees. For a business operation to be successful, communication to clients and customers is essential. Although at times, many people are faced with challenges in effective communication. Effective communication is getting the message across.

I believe the greatest challenge to effective communication is when the sender of the message fails to first listen to the recipient of the message. For example, is when a public speaker fails to listen or understand his audience. The speaker can prepare his presentation diligently. It can be as organized as possible with all the graphics and charts included. He can deliver his talk confidently and flawlessly. However, in the end, the audience fails to understand his message.

The speaker needs to understand first the communication needs of his audience. It will ensure that the message gets communicated effectively. The speaker needs to put the message in the context that matters to the audience. The speaker also needs to see things from the perspective of his audience and not his. The speaker needs to focus not only on what he wants to say but also on the things that his audience want to understand and assimilate. When the speaker gets the audience, he is able to convey his message effectively.

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