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grading rubric must be followed

assignment is based off of transcript

format and headings must be followed and imcluded

Write a security report (4-5 pages) that identifies potential security and technical safeguard violations in a health care organization’s audit report. Include evidence-based recommendations to address these potential violations and prevent them from occurring in the future.


For this assessment, you will continue your work as an HIM analyst at Valley City Regional Hospital. The quality control committee has released notification that potential issues with password protection exist within the organization. Computers containing patient information are not secure; passwords are openly displayed.

As a result, the risk management department completed a comprehensive risk audit. The hospital’s risk management manager has provided you with additional information about the audit he conducted. You will find this information in the Vila Health: Security media piece. The audit specifically addressed issues related to security and technical safeguards. Your task is to evaluate the audit, compile a master list of potential security violations, and then present recommendations to address these potential violations and prevent them from occurring in the future.

Be sure to include all of the following headings in your 4–5 page security report and answer the questions underneath each heading:

Proper Access, Authentication, and Use of Health Information (1 page)
  • What constitutes proper access, authentication, and authorized use of health information?
HIPAA Privacy Rule vs. HIPAA Security Rule (1 page)
  • What are the HIPAA Privacy Rule’s requirements?
  • What are the HIPAA Security Rule’s requirements?
  • How are these rules the same?
  • How are they different?

Note: Consider which elements from Assessment 1 might be appropriate to incorporate here.

Proper vs. Improper Parameters for Physical Safeguards (1 page)

Note: The names of these safeguards come from the Security Rule.

  • What are these safeguards?
  • How do the security parameters for these safeguards vary by level of authority and job role?
Recommendations (1 to 1 1/2 pages)
  • What are the potential security violations you identified in the Vila Health: Security media piece?
  • What evidence-based technical safeguards and security controls would you recommend to address and prevent the identified security violations from occurring?
  • What are some examples of uses and users with your evidence-based recommendations?

Note: Throughout your security report:

  • Incorporate specific examples from the media piece, your experience in this course and/or the workplace, and from your readings and research.
  • Substantiate your assertions and recommendations with references to current, scholarly and/or authoritative sources.


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