self concept 3

Chapter 5 Questions

Define, explain, and give examples of the following using the language of social psychology

(S.P.) used in the text. When one of these ideas is credited to a specific name or names, be

certain to give the names or points will be taken off.

I. Define the concepts in the Self as Process:

a. Self

b. Self-concept

c. Self-indication

d. Me

e. Identity theory

f. Identity

g. Social categories

h. Personal characteristics

i. Identity control theory

j. Affect control theory (ACT)

k. Dramaturgical sociology

l. Impression management

m. Impressions given

n. Face-work

o. Front stage

p. Backstage

q. Situated Self

II. Define these concepts in The Self and Social Structure:

a. Self-esteem

b. Self-consistency motive

c. Self-esteem motive

d. Restricted appraisals

e. Self-perceptions

f. Self-fulfilling prophecy

g. Personal accomplishments

h. Vicarious experience

i. Verbal persuasion

j. Emotional arousal

k. Mattering

l. Physical self

m. Social self

n. Reflective self

III. Define these concepts in Identity and Group Processes:

a. Social identity theory

b. Social identities

c. Categorization

d. Self-enhancement

Chapter 5 Self-Application over lecture

Please refer to the lecture “SELF CONCEPT



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