Small business management reflection paper

So far in this course you have learned a lot about small businesses. Some things you may have already known other things are new. Please reflect on the course so far by answering the following questions. The paper should not be longer than 2 pages and each question should be about 2-3 paragraphs.

  1. What are the challenges of creating and leading a small business you had not realized before this class and working with your team’s business?
  2. Working with a small business is often very different from working for a large corporation. Is there anything that has surprised you? Is there anything you found interesting?
  3. Often many of our small business clients relate back to the lessons learned in the E-Myth. What topics or lessons from the E-Myth are at work in your small business group? (Are they a technician, Manager, or entrepreneur? Do they work in the business or on the business? Etc.)

*Note: group’s small business is a jewelry store


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