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pWeek2 Assignment


Self-Reflection Exercise – Many Me’s


This is a self-reflection assignment worth 70 points.  As you learned in this week’s readings and lecture we develop a sense of who we are by responding to the question “Who am I?”  This exercise helps you look at your own response to this question.


You learned that each of us has an entire repertoire of self-concepts instead of just one, and that within this repertoire we attach different levels of importance to the various self-concepts.  We present a self to others according to the situation we are in.


This is a two-part assignment.  In the first part you explore your self-concept collection by completing a short exercise in which you identify words that you use to describe yourself in response to the question “Who am I”?  In the second part you respond to five questions relating to your self-reflections.



  1. Part One.  Fill in the blanks in the Many Me’s questionnaire at the end of this assignment.  There are five dimensions of self that are covered. Report your descriptive words for each dimension the first section of your paper.  
  2. Part Two.  Reflecting upon your sense of self, answer the following five (5) questions about your self-concepts and report these in the second section of your paper:
    1. Which of these identities is the most fundamental to your sense of self? 
    2. To which of these identities are you most strongly committed and why?
    3. How were or are other people important to developing your most important self-concepts?
    4. How have your images of self changed over the last five years?
    5. Have you ever had your self-concepts challenged?



1.             Write an essay-style report comprised of the two parts specified above. 

2.             The suggested length is 400 words although you are free to write more if you find it interesting to do so;

3.             Your document file must be MS Word, Word Pad or rtf;

4.             Single-spacing is fine;

5.             You do not need a title page although your name must appear at the top of the document;

6.             Before submitting your homework, spell check it and grammar check it;

7.             Submit your homework through the Week 2 drop box by Sunday of Week 2 before 11:59 PM Mountain time.



·                Part One –25 points

·                Part Two –35 points

·                Orderliness, freedom from spelling and grammar errors – 10 points


The Many Me’s Questionnaire


Words or phrases I use to describe my physical self

1.      I am ___________________________________________

2.      I am ___________________________________________

3.      I am ___________________________________________

4.      I am ___________________________________________

5.      I am ___________________________________________


Words or phrases I use to describe my personality

6.      I am ___________________________________________

7.      I am ___________________________________________

8.      I am ___________________________________________

9.      I am ___________________________________________

10.   I am ___________________________________________


Words or phrases I use to describe my social self (me interacting with others)

11.   I am ___________________________________________

12.   I am ___________________________________________

13.   I am ___________________________________________

14.   I am ___________________________________________

15.   I am ___________________________________________


Words or phrases I use to describe my character traits 

16.   I am ___________________________________________

17.   I am ___________________________________________

18.   I am ___________________________________________

19.   I am ___________________________________________

20.   I am ___________________________________________


Words or phrases I use to describe my skills and abilities 

21.   I am ___________________________________________

22.   I am ___________________________________________

23.   I am ___________________________________________

24.   I am ___________________________________________

25.   I am ___________________________________________




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