Sonnet 65 breakdown | English homework help

Instructions for your sonnet breakdown: (I have attached an example sonnet breakdown to this assignment)

1. Highlight, circle, or underline repeating consonant sounds (alliteration)

2. Highlight, circle, or underline any place where the rhythm is off-meter (not following iambic pentameter)

3. Highlight, circle, or underline any and all punctuation.

Pro tips:

You MUST MUST speak your sonnet out loud to find these poetic devices. You cannot find them by sight only as spelling is different than sound. There are many examples of this in the model breakdown I sent you.

Sound repetition does not have to be at always at the beginning. It can be in the middle or at the end too.

It would be helpful if you use different colors for your TAs to be able to differentiate between your poetic devices.

The breakdown encourages your awareness and your physical exploration of the text. You should review the following exercises below.

A review of the exercises:

Isolate and speak only consonant sounds.

March your text to get the iambic pentameter into your body. You will not have to speak your piece in this over-emphasized manner, doing this as an exercise will allow you to make more sense of the text and to find moments that are turbulent and possibly emotionally more intense for the sonnet speaker.

Walk the punctuation:

Periods/Question marks: Come to a complete stop and change direction

Commas: Keep moving but change direction

Semi colons and colons: Go to stop but then keep moving in the same direction


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