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You are the new marketing manager for The Westside Coffee Company. You have been tasked with developing a strategic marketing and communications plan to improve store performance. Over the next few weeks, you will develop different elements of your marketing and communications plan.

Consumer/Marketplace Insights and Micro-Moments

Resource: Read the articles from the

Perform a price/quality segmentation analysis using the resources provided in the 

Identify 8 to 10 insights you learned from the research study.

Illustrate observational learning by visiting a local coffeehouse and list insights that confirm or differ from the research findings.

Create a micro-moments map on a table or spreadsheet with 4 columns. Under each heading, fill in all the things a new customer who has never heard of The Westside Coffee Company might want to know before visiting.

Based on your micro-moments insights, review The Westside Coffee Company website and make 4 recommendations for improving the site.

your analysis and micro-moments map. Use data to support your findings.

1. You will need to search for and visit the websites of the different chains to help you determine their proper placements on the segmentation axes to place The Westside Coffee Company in its appropriate place.


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