study questions 6

CPMGT/301 Week 3

  • Need a 250 word or more response on this question: How would you align human resource plans in a project portfolio to an organization’s strategic objectives?

The rest of these questions only need a response or 100 words or more.

  • Page 110 of your text (Ch. 8) highlights the various components required to be able to implement a Business Intelligence Framework. Choose one of the concepts and summarize it for the class along with an example from the public or from your experience. For your reference, the components are also copied below.
  • This week’s electronic reserve reading discusses the three main roles of the Project Portfolio Management Office. After reading the article, do you agree or disagree with the risks identified here in relation to the lifespan of a PPMO? Of the three roles identified, which do you think is the most relevant or important in your current company or organization? For our military students and those of you outside a traditional company, what is your version of a PPMO for the benefit of the class and how does it impact your daily work?
  • How do you Compare performance measurement practices?
  • How do you Determine financial compensation of rewards for the project team.?
  • How do you Align human resource plans in a project portfolio to an organization’s strategic objectives?.

1. Understand BI and the current trends.

2. Understand the difference between structured and unstructured data.

3. Understand the importance of Self Service BI.

4. Understand portfolio requirements for reporting and decision making.

5. Select portfolio key performance indicators (KPIs).

6. Understand the different user types and their business requirements from a BI implementation.

7. Understand the BI implementation process in project portfolios.

Unger, B. N., Gemunden, H. G., & Aubry, M. (2012, July). The three roles of a project portfolio management office: Their impact on portfolio management execution and success. International Journal of Project Management 30 (5), 608-620.


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