summarize building capabilities at the westward hilton


Summarize “Building Capabilities at the Westward Hilton” case

(1) What is the case study all about? Provide a case study summary.

(2) What issues and challenges are at stake? List or identify major problems that need to be solved.

“The Westward Hotel and Towers is a hotel that was picked up as a project by Hiller Hotels, who buys properties that are bankrupt or undervalues and turns them around to make a profit. Peter Green was then recruited for a consulting role for the hotel and then became its general manager through his dedication to network with all of the employees and through the culture that he was starting to create from his values on equality and respect. After Green’s ten years of dedication to the Westward Hilton, there was now discussion on the possibility of selling the property. This was a major conflict for Green since it has been the only Hiller Hotel that he has managed on his own and he still believes in all of the potential growth it has.

The issue arises when there is a possibility that company want to sell the Westward Hilton & Towers. He struggles to keep it or to sell it,

  • Green said it “taught me that managers devalue others when they overvalue themselves. I discovered the importance of creating a work environment that celebrates, nurtures, and values people. It is important to create a business environment in which every job and every employee is treated with dignity and respect. People want to care, but this work environment forced the workers to hide themselves.””

Case Title: Building Capabilities at the Westward Hilton (Page 453)…

Chapters: 3,4,5,7,8

Topics Covered: Vision & Mission, 5 Forces, Competitive Advantage, Core Resources, Business Level Strategies, Corporate Strategy, Organizational Design & Control, Innovation & Entrepreneurship


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