team advertisement project and project assessment paper

Assignment: Team Advertisement Project

This team exercise is meant to provide you with the experience of working in a team. The work will be pertinent to your Week 5 Critical Thinking Assignment as well.


  1. Create an ad for a product or service, as agreed on by your team.
  2. Your team should determine the appropriate advertising vehicle: print, TV, radio, YouTube clip, billboard, or other form (be specific). Please be sure that you have notified the instructor in advance as to what format you are using and how you will be submitting your ad so that your instructor can locate it or help you with instructions about how to submit your project.
  3. Your ad should include:
    1. Product name
    2. Company name
    3. Why the potential buyer should purchase the product or service.
  4. Each team member will submit a one-page summary discussing the process the team followed to create the project.
  5. Prior to submitting the assignment, you will also be required to take a Reflective Survey. You will have the opportunity to evaluate your team members’ participation as well as your own. This will be weighted into individual grades at the end of the assignment. In addition to the group project, remember to submit your Survey as a Word document for review by your instructor.

**(A team member already completed the advertisement attached below known as B2A Study Help, you will need to only submit a one page summary discussing the process the team followed to create the project, make sure you are incorporating the advertisement into the paper. and you will also need to take the Team participation survey attached below)** I also attached the group conversation below that way you can complete the survey based on participation and also completing the one page essay (single spaced).

** when completing the reflective survey, I did not participate much in the assignment, you will be truthful in all answers thank you. **

Assignment 2-Critical Thinking Assignment: Project Assessment Paper

This is a paper that is based on the experiences and knowledge you gained while working in your team.

Discuss your response to:

  • The final project outcome
  • The challenges you and the team faced
  • Identify/utilize one theory from course materials that would have improved team dynamics/communication/productivity

Your paper should be 5-6 pages long and follow the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. Be sure to incorporate concepts from the reading materials and include applications to reality-based scenarios. Your paper should also reflect your insight into and analysis of materials and your experiences in order to provide an original and thoughtful paper.

Review the rubric found on the Course Information page to see the criteria that will be used to evaluate your paper. For organization purposes, please submit your assignment to the Week 5 Assignment page as a file titled as follows:


For example: SmithJ_MBTIOutcomes

** You will need to use the textbook for assignment 2** Required: Thompson, L.L. (2014). Making the team: A guide for managers (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. ISBN-13: 9780132968089.

I don’t have the textbook, therefore you will need to have the textbook.

Also essay 1 need to be completed by tomorrow, for essay 2 I will extend the time.


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