the sports business research network

The Sports Business Research Network is a market research and publications database that lists and provides information on sports organizations, teams, corporate sponsors, sports agents, marketing and event management agencies, and media companies around the world. The APUS online library has a subscription of this directory. Using this source, choose one of the top 100 Sporting Goods Retailers and develop a SWOT analysis based on the information you find about that specific organization. You may also choose to Google more specific websites to learn more about the Sporting Good Retailer that you selected. This will be helpful in completing your SWOT analysis.

Attached are two articles about conducting a SWOT analysis for your reference.

To get to the page, click on the library on the left hand side. Once in the library, click on articles and databases, then click on the Sports Business Research Network database link. Once on the SBRnet page, go to Sporting Goods Market and then to Financials. There you will find four different categories. Choose a company from one of the four categories for your SWOT analysis and be sure to check to make sure a classmate hasn’t already done one for that company. To avoid repeats, please put the name of the company you’ve chosen as the subject of your response right away. Then, when you’re ready to post your SWOT analysis just click edit and add your post. That way nobody will work on a company only to discover when they go to post to the forum that someone already did that company.

When responding to your peers, include whether you agree or disagree with their SWOT analysis and what changes you would make if you were conducting the analysis that they chose.

Please remember when pasting from another document such as Word to use the clipboard icons above the dialogue box so the formatting code doesn’t show in your post.


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