topic 5 dq 1 16

Please write a paragraph with your opinion based on the text bellow. Please include citations and references in case you need to used for the question.

Primary Prevention-Preparedness Stage- Education to those in Haiti that would include what to do in case of a natural disaster that can happen in the area, in this example, earthquake. To prepare secure items in your home, practice drop-cover-hold on (drop to your hands and knees, cover your head and neck with your arms), create emergency contact communication plan in case of separation, supply kit (food and water for 3 days, flash light, fire extinguisher, whistle, and specific needs such as medications), earth quake insurance, and building structure that will with stand an earth quake (earthquakes, n.d.). From watching the diary of a medical mission trip, I believe for most of Haiti it would not be possible for them to prepare in this way for most items listed above. They do not have the resources to do this. Provide clean water and food if able to prevent illness and complications.

Secondary Prevention-Recovery Stage-identify those at high risk for disease contraction and infection. Take care of the injured, for example clean wounds, dress wounds, provide education on keeping the wound clean and why.

Tertiary Prevention-Recovery Stage-Therapy to deal with the experience and loss of family/friends and rehabilitation secondary to injury or disease contraction. Teaching survivors stress responses and how to cope with what happened (Primary, secondary and tertiary prevention interventions: Haiti 2010, (n.d.).

There are volunteer programs that are out in Haiti in times that are not associated with disaster relief, primary prevention-education could be provided by them, to the extent they are able to prepare based on the resources available. We would need to use these programs as they are there at times prior to disaster. In the recovery stage an example of an agency to facilitate these interventions would be the Red Cross when they come in at the time of disaster.


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