two page report

Book – Business Communication – Developing leaders for a networked world – Peter W. Cardon – Third Edition

(1.) Before drafting this document – Make sure to read/review all applicable chapters, e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. I encourage you to read and apply applicable content from all chapters.

(2.) Read – p. 71- Why Does This Matter? After reading the section, reflect on your team experiences (academic and/or workplace). Some examples include but are NOT limited to: team writing (how generational, gender, and other group differences affect communication), handling difficult conversations online, incivility related to virtual academic or workplace teams.


After reading the Business Case below – Draft a two-page persuasive message in expanded letter format. Include in the body one in-text citation (APA format) from a journal article within your declared major. *Use only “one” in-text citation in the body. Do Not use the course textbook as a citation /secondary source/reference.

Business Case: Business writing is continuously changing in this new age of technology. High-performing teams utilize strategies to help team members embrace team diversity such as (cultures, age, gender, generations, etc.). Respond to the following: Identify and explain at least two virtual team writing strategies which might minimize the impact of emotional hijacking when communicating during a virtual team project.

Research credible journal articles related to your declared business major (Accounting is my major) OR articles written for all business majors. Select one article which provides specific strategies used by industry representatives within your declared major to address the Business Case. *Do Not use your personal opinions. **DO Review- LO 10.3 (Ch.10, p.305 -Table 10.2) –Getting the Tone and Style Right for Persuasive Messages. Make sure to focus on -We-Voice: Use in internal persuasive messages to emphasize shared work goals.

Suggestions for Conducting Research for this Assignment

Format the report – Two Pages ONLY – Do NOT Exceed, Apply the following – MARGINS -1 inch (top/bottom and sides), FONT – Times New Roman-Size 12, and

SPACING – Use single space (1.0) to format the body of each section/paragraph – THEN- Use 2.0 spaces after each section/paragraph (i.e. at the end of EACH section/paragraph– use 2.0 spaces THEN – go back to using single space (1.0) for the body of EACH section/paragraph – UNTIL YOU COMPLETE THE

DOCUMENT.*Single-space some elements, such as the address and citation in the reference section. Place the citation at the end of page two, in APA format.


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