us finance personal finance project

read the pdf first then use excel to fill information

assumptions to use :

will graduate college in 1 year

current age: 23

profession: Petroleum engineer

assuming 3 kids


(add more if necessary)

pers. fin. statement

starting salary: 65K can increase up to 180K after 20 years

spouse salary:55K can increase up to 120K after 15 years

bonus: 15% annualy

retirement funds from other investments: 30K annually


health care= 0

travel: 5000$ a year.

student loan = 0

mortgage amortization:

make up numbers

car amortization:

make up numbers

student loan:

leave it as 0


you will need to create equations, fix equations to calculate stuff. the main goal is to retire at the age of 55 and have enough to live until 95 years old


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