Week 2 audit an infamous study in psychology

 you will examine one of the more infamous studies in psychology where ethical issues were grossly overlooked by preparing a narrated presentation using PowerPoint presentation software. You may use one of the studies discussed in this week’s lesson or choose another. You will create your audio presentation by clicking on the “Insert” button, and then selecting the “audio” option to record audio to accompany/narrate the slides you created within PowerPoint. 

First, provide a brief overview of the study that you selected, discuss the results/findings, and then provide additional details regarding the ethical concerns or violations and why they are of concern. Outline what the researcher must do to revise this study to conform to today’s ethical codes and standards. Frame your response as if you are an IRB reviewer, and you are communicating the specific steps that the researcher must take to revise their study to gain approval from the NCU IRB. Be sure to describe the particular APA ethical standards and principles that are in violation within your response, and why your recommended revisions are needed before official IRB approvals can be given.

Length: 5 to 7-minute audio accompanied by 6-8 PowerPoint slides, not including reference and title slides

no plagiarism 

References: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources.

below is the resources she gave to learn about the experiments 







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