what are cybersecurity measures

To understand the challenges and responses necessary to ensure adequate cybersecurity measures, you will outline the history of cybersecurity and the challenges that have come along as connectivity has grown.

Research, identify, and write a paper (2-3 pages) outlining the various authorities that cover who has which responsibilities for particular aspects of cybersecurity (CNO) and their sub-disciplines (CNE, CNA, and CND) at the national level, any overlaps or gaps in the authorities, and why those overlaps or gaps may exist.

  • CNO: Computer network operations
  • CNE: Computer network exploitation
  • CNA: Computer network attack
  • CND: Computer network defense

Sources may include the following:

  • Essential federal, state, and local information
  • Professional and academic reports
  • Web sites
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs, publications, or other reference sites

***Include works cited


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