what limits growth and opportunity for immigrants and minorities today

  1. Compose a 350 word minimum to 500 word maximum response to the Discussion Question.
  2. Use the book Not Like Us: Immigrants and Minorities in America, 1890-1924and the textbook, including the primary source document “Significance of the Frontier in American History,” to support your answer. You MUST use the book Not Like Us to get full points for the Part 1 Content section of the rubric.
  3. You are required to incorporate ONE additional source for this discussion board. It can be one of the lecture videos for the course that you have watched or another academic source. Examples of this are: newspaper articles (can be online), information from an academic website (.edu or .gov websites, stay away from .com websites unless it is a newspaper or credible magazine), academic journal, book. If you are not sure if your source is appropriate, ask me.
  4. You are required to use THREE references or direct quotes from the sources listed in #2 and #3 above. Use in-text parenthetical MLA style citation for these references/quotes.
    1. For the book Not Like Us, this will look like: (Daniels, 45) but insert the page you are quoting/referencing.
    2. b.For the textbook please use the following method for citation so that I can more easily find what you are referencing: (“The American Yawp, Chapter 18, Section II) but insert the chapter and section you are quoting/referencing.
  5. You are required to provide end references for all sources used. Think of this as a Works Cited page for a paper, only you do not need to add this as a separate page, but rather to the end of your post. The end references should be in MLA style format.
  6. You are required to include a critical thinking question for your classmates to consider along with your discussion response. Leave your reader with something to reflect upon and respond to. This can relate to either Part 1 or Part 2 of the discussion prompt.


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