where do you get your information from 1

Communication of scientific results usually takes place in a peer-reviewed journal. A peer-reviewed journal is one in which other experts in the specific field read and critique the author’s article, including their research and results, before it can be published in the journal. This process is done to maintain the standards of research.

On the other hand, there are many publications that do not use peer-review, such as newspapers and magazines. These publications rely on the judgment of the editor to ensure that the material contained is appropriate and at the set standard of the publication.

Think about how scientists conduct their work and report it to the world, compared to how the media (including newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the internet) broadcast information. In your posts this week answer the following questions:

  1. How often do you rely on media for scientific information to make decisions in your life?
  2. Provide a specific example of scientific results being reported in media (e.g., a flu epidemic, a projected storm, or fracking). Be sure to include the headline, APA citation, and one sentence summary of the report.
  3. Are there times when it is more appropriate to rely on media-reported science and other times when it is more appropriate to rely on peer-reviewed scientific results? Explain.
  4. What do you think is the primary difference between communication of scientific results in the scientific community (peer-reviewed journals) and news media reporting?
  5. Can the media influence the decisions that you make and how you feel about a topic on scientific research? Provide at least one example.

Just response each posted down below # 1 to 3

Posted #1

I do not fully rely on the media for scientific information in my life because a lot of the news is for sensationalism in some cases. It is all so negative and depressing. I believe they should have a positive story about people doing good in the world at the end of every news forecast. As far as the weather forecast, they are sometimes right; but you can’t always fully depend on that information to plan an event outside. Therefore, I don’t fully rely on the weather forecast.

A recent result reported in the media by the Federal Drug Administration on an adverse reaction to dogs and cats. “Philadelphia-(CBS Local)- Some flea and tick medications for dogs and cats are causing adverse reactions, the Food and Drug Administration warned Thursday. Some animals receiving drugs in the isoxoline class experienced adverse effects such as muscle tremors, ataxia, and seizures.” I feel that many times the drugs that are given to people and animals should be more thoroughly investigated and researched before using them to avoid events like this from happening.

I believe that peer-reviewed scientific results would be better because you are not just relying on one source. You are taking other experts on this subject’s expertise to have a better understanding and a more factual article.

The primary difference between communication of scientific results in the scientific community and news media reporting is that you have more diverse opinions and use a variety of sources of information in peer-reviewed scientific results as opposed to just relying on the judgement of one person- the editor.

Yes. I think that the media can influence decisions that you make and how you feel about a topic on scientific research, but I think that people also have to research a topic on their own also in order to get the correct information about the topic.

Posted #2

Unfortunately I’ve never been a TV person so when it comes to my children there’s never been a fuss other than the time that they need to shut the television off. I really do not like the news because every time you see a news report it’s always about something horrible. It’s not coming the good news is reported. I would rather pick up a book or hear a good story from a veteran or someone that has grow up in the 60s. I recently even deactivated my Facebook. I don’t feel that there is any time we are usually rely on the media. The truth is always twisted to attract the audience. I do feel that the media can affect how you feel but not your decisions. For example if you have been wanting to go on vacation in urine on a friends page and you see that they are on multiple vacations you will wonder what are you doing wrong and how are they able to go on all these vacations when you can’t even go on one. Comparing someone else’s life to your life is always a bad thing. Scientific results is reported on natural finding other than your own thoughts are assumptions like social media. Most I have the time in the news is reporting on any medication scientist are still at the drawling board and it is not the final results as this Google site has reported.

Posted # 3

I would say that I rely on social media for scientific information to every day, well I suppose its scientific, I mostly do research or look things up that could have the potential to improve our lives. The most resent thing that I have looked up is the weather, I was traveling out of town with my children and wanted to be know what the weekend weather would be where we are traveling to.

I don’t watch the news, or read the news paper, I don’t think all of that is true, or at least all the facts aren’t there. It’s more like a drama series to me. I didn’t even know that there was a hurricane that was suppose to hit, I didn’t even know about the reporter that was caught faking the news until a friend showed it to me. Kinda just helped me to confirm that I can’t trust the news much. That is just my opinion. But, we are suppose to do a quote of scientific results in the media, i just went to the website for our news channel which is wbir. So here’s what I found:

“If you’ve been to the vet with your pet recently, you may have been asked if their diet is grain-free. That’s because the FDA announced this summer it is investigating a potential connection between diet and cases of canine heart disease.”

The dog diet under investigation by the FDA, and what pet owners need to know; Lindsey Mills; 12:29 PM EDT September 19,2018 https://www.wbir.com/article/news/the-dog-diet-under-investigation-by-the-fda-and-what-pet-owners-need-to-know/51-596207384

I am really not sure about media reported science or peer reviewed science. I think that media reported can at time be a way to just stir people up. Like saying theres a problem with something when it was really just making a mountain out of a mole hill. I think that peer reviewed can depend on what the topic is, It is nice to sometimes get a view from someone else, something you could have missed, but at the same time I feel like that is their opinion on the topic.

I think that there can be a big difference in the media putting something out or peers doing it. The media likes to just focus on what will get them more views or ratings whether it is good or bad, so they can exaggerate or leave out some facts and not report what something actually is. Peer reviewed I feel could be more postive in a way, peers, especially of the same topic, would be more in depth of what the research says or the findings. Then again it could also be a game of “telephone” and things get mixed up or left out when talking about it.

I think that media can for sure influence the decisions that I make and how I feel on a topic. I know one thing that I hear people talk about, because I have small children, is whether to vaccinate your babies. I hear the topic a lot. I made the decision to vaccinate my children, i feel that in the long run it is better for them. I know that many people do not feel that way. I know that there is an elective shot that you can let your children have now and my children will not have that shot because a doctor ,that we know personally, gave it to his daughter and she passed away from the side effects of the shot and that is not the case that has happened from this elective shot.

So most of the time, I do not bother with news, I mostly look up things on pintrest on ways to get ideas on how to do things around my house, or activities for my family. Most scientific I get is the weather and I use the weather app on my phone for that.


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