winning in the work place


_____ 1.

_____ 2.

_____ 3.

_____ 4.

_____ 5.

The main reason people say they work is to

a. get out of the house.
b. stay current with social fads. c. earnmoney.
d. keep them healthy.

The second step in the decision-making process is

a. definetheproblem. b. gather information. c. make a choice.
d. take action.

According to Figure 3-1 on page 65 in your textbook, the service industry with the largest projected decline in employment of wage and salary workers for 2008–2018 is

a. semiconductormanufacturing. b. plastics product manufacturing. c. specialty food stores.
d. department stores.

Work experience education includes

a. work-study programs.
b. business math classes.
c. volunteering at your church. d. all of the above.

The definition of a stable job

a. is one that is permanent and may last several years.
b. is one that you keep for your entire working life.

c. is that the job has to be in the industry of your chosen occupation. d. is any job that lasts more than one month.


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