Work-life balance | EDDD 8110 – The Art of Online Teaching | Walden University

1-Fill in the Weekly Planner Template to illustrate your current (or predicted) schedule as an online instructor. Include all personal obligations, as well as work-related responsibilities. Annotate your weekly planner, explaining how you will manage your time, get everything done, and still maintain a healthy work-life balance.

weekly planner template attached

2-Discuss the planner you created in Part A with an individual whom your schedule might affect. Have that person help you think it through and improve your plan. Based on your discussion with this person, address the following in 750 words:

  • Three positive points you identified about your planner
  • Three challenges you identified about your planner
  • How you will address the challenges and turn them into opportunities
  • Any other insights you gained from discussing your planner with a loved one


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