work place problem and solution 1

See the attached file for more details. 2000 words with at least 7 references in Harvard style. Report on any work place problem and innovating a solution for the problem. Then critically analyse the solution for the problem. Make sure you use concepts and references for entrepreneurial mindset and transformative innovation. See the attached file for more details.

Stage 1: Define the challenge or problem

Briefly describe (200–300 words) the challenge or problem currently facing your organisation. While each organisation is different, it is critical you are clear and concise with the description of the challenge or problem including the objectives you are trying to achieve.

The key to successfully completing this section is to create a problem statement. It is easy to grab the first problem that comes to mind but deeper reflection will often reveal the true problem.

Stage 2: Develop a solution

Offer a solution to the problem by directly applying the concepts of the entrepreneurial mindset and transformative innovation.

It is imperative that when you prepare your report, you are not just discussing or restating the theory but showing your understanding by applying the theory to address the challenge or problem that you have described.

Stage 3: Conduct a critical analysis of the solution that addresses the challenge or problem

Include an analysis in relation to how your proposed solution addresses your challenge or problem. This analysis should include an evaluation of the effectiveness of your proposal and how it might impact and relate to relevant stakeholders.


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