write a response to the following prompt

Please read these two works:

  1. “Political Culture and Socialization in the Information Age”
  2. “Public attitudes toward political engagement on social media”

Then write a response to the following prompt:

As we have been discussing, we all have multiple ways we view our identities. We may be a student, sister or brother, family member, employee, a member of a particular ethnic group or religion. With each of these identities, we recognize that we need to behave in certain ways, take certain actions or fulfill certain responsibilities.

Each of us is a citizen of a country. We may be an American citizen through either birth or naturalization or a citizen of another country.

Your journal entry in preparation for whole group on Monday is to think about what your responsibilities as a citizen are to your country. What is the standard for being a “good citizen?” As you are considering this, think about how you were taught what goes into being a good citizen.


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