write an executive summary of a business plan

The Executive Summary is the introduction of your idea in the business plan. This section is the most read on the part of investors and lenders, to determine if they will read the rest of your plan. There is debate that you write this document at the end of your plan, but in this course it is at the beginning. Why? I like to see how far along in your idea phase, and how close it is to being an opportunity. The Executive Summary also serves as a pitch document. How long should the Executive Summary be?

For the purposes of this class, and this assignment, the Executive Summary should be 2-3 pages. What should it include?

The Executive Summary should include whatever is necessary to explain your idea, what the team is about, a brief market description and strategy, how you plan to penetrate the market, how much money are you looking for and what you plan to do with it (at the minimum).

Reference the video below, it should be helpful.


Should be organized like the following:

1.0 Executive summary, Chart: Highlights.

1.1 Objectives

1.2 Mission

1.3 Keys to Success

Should address the following questions: What is the business concept or model? How is this business concept or model unique? Who are the individuals starting this business? How will they make money and how much?


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