write paper about ddos attack in bank and i will provide you with the instruction needed and start up out line

Objectives: To demonstrate student knowledge and skills on common application and network attacks and solutions. The project is also designed to enhance student skills in critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration in research and problem solving.


  • Choose one of these organizations for your :bank,. Then choose the most harmful attack for your selected organization from the following list for your project:
  • A specific type of DDoS attack (e.g. SYN flood, UDP flood, ICMP flood, Smurf, etc.)

2. Research and write a Team Project Report in Word document of about 2000-3000 words (about 8-10 double-spaced content pages not including the cover page, table of contents, and reference list). Your report should have the following sections and components:

1) A Cover Page with the title of your project, the course name

2) An Abstract (a 150-200 word paragraph) that summarizes the content of your paper

3) Research and write the following sections with headings (include several paragraphs per section):
I. Introduction: Define the attack and describe how it works (graphical illustration is helpful).
II. Impact: Discuss the significance and impact of the attack (technical, financial, and social, etc.).
III. Case Study: Find a real case of such attack and give an accurate description of the case.

IV. Data: Provide first-hand live demos or second-hand screen captures of such attack as demos.
V. Solutions: Propose and discuss yoursolution to solve and prevent such attacks. The
solution should be comprehensive addressing technical, policy, and management aspects to detect,
respond to, and prevent the attacks.

3. Include a References section at the end listing all the sources used and cited in your report in IEEE or APA format, including course materials and any other print or online sources. You should use at least 10 published sources in your report. You are welcome to create or cite graphics wherever necessary and give proper credit to all sources of information or opinions cited in your report.

4. The Presentation should be in outline style (keyword summaries) PowerPoint slides to present yourreport with demos and/or screenshots.

5. Your report should reflect academic writing with minimal errors. All in-text citations and reference list entries should be done in IEEE.


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