Writer guide

Please take your time to read the below files and apply the guidelines accordingly from monday next week. Be sure to read and understand well please and be writing in these formats or styles.

Subject: Tips and what is expected of you in terms of Job delivery

  1. When doing most of the work, use journal articles as your references which should be based on 2008-2013.In the reference list, make sure that the Aplhabeticals are followed. References used should not be older than 2000.
  2. I will send the format for referencing pdf’s/journal articles in Harvard and the references should have the Vol no and the issue no.The in text citation should have the author,year and page number eg. (Charles, 2012, p. 78).
  3. For Mla referencing, the intext citation should have page numbers eg. (Charles 56).
  4. For APA, Use the sixth edition in your reference list.
  5. Always ensure that your work is passed through grammarly. Ensure your work ho grammar issues such as
  • Omitted words,
  • Misused terms,
  • Punctuation mistakes,
  • Mistakes in sentence structure,
  • Some sentences make no sense or are confused.
  1. An introduction, thesis statement, body and conclusion are standard items that should always be included in your work.
  2. In orders 8 pages and above, there should be an ABSTRACT and EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. An abstract should be included when the order is not business related and EXECUTIVE SUMMARY when the order is business related.
  3. Finally, ensure you proofread your work . Unproofread work will never be accepted.

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