writing assignment 287

One of the most famous stories of all–Cinderella.

Choose one part of one of the Cinderella stories (not the whole story) and offer an opinion on what you think that part meant–give a specific example from the story that backs up your theory. Not the whole story, but one part of it–for example: the tree in the Grimm version. Or what do the birds mean, but all the way through that story

im international student , please be simple (“””don’t use hard vocabularies. use simple vocabs”””)

use the book as the one and only source please

book name : The Classic Fairy Tales, edited by Maria Tatar (Norton) **Second Edition**

it’s a literature class

please put 3 or 4 proofreading (not spelling.) 3 or 4 errors ( grammars , punctuations, etc)

the target is around 200 words.


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