Writing assignment w5 | English homework help


First, define intersectionality in your own words.

I recommend returning to the learning materials from Module 1 if you would like a review of this concept in addition to the “What Is: Intersectionality” lecture posted in Module 5.

Then, explain why an understanding of intersectionality matters when considering sexual and reproductive health. Be sure to acknowledge intersectionality’s connection to power, privilege, and oppression as that will assist you in discussing why it matters when considering sexual and reproductive health.

Remember: You MUST explicitly engage with and cite at least two assigned readings from Module 5 (you may add information from the videos as well, but these should not take the place of the readings).

See the syllabus for more details on Writing Assignment expectations. Be sure to edit thoroughly before submitting. You MUST submit your assignment as a .doc or .docx. If you are unsure how to do that, please contact technical support. I will not accept assignments submitted via email nor will I accept late work without documentation of an emergency. Good luck!